Gelling agent for DIY hand sanitizer? : chemistry- a good thickening agent for hand sanitizer ,In light of the recent outbreak, I've been thinking about DIY hand sanitizer. The WHO sanitizer recipes are a good place to start:. 93.7% ethanol 96%. 4.7% H2O2 3%. 1.6% glycerol. Add water to achieve 80% ethanol concentration (approximately 12% of the final volume added as distilled, sterile water).How to get homemade hand sanitizers to thicken - Quorawell I never made homemade hand sanitizer so I would think it would be a trial-and-error thing until you find the right concoction and the right product. But I would ...

Ingredients in Hand Sanitizer | Healthfully

Carbomer and amniomethyl propanol are common ingredients used as binding agents. Emulsifiers keep other ingredients from separating and thicken the hand sanitizer into a gel. Other Ingredients. Hand sanitizer manufacturers include other ingredients, such as fragrance and FDA-approved colorants, to distinguish their products from competitors.

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Thickener launched for alcohol-based hand sanitisers

Anti-bacterial hand gel formulation is easier with a new guar-derived thickening ingredient, according to manufacturer Rhodia. The personal care division of Rhodia Novecare has released its thickening ingredient Jaguar HP120 at a time when interest in anti-bacterial products is growing.

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