Disinfectant with alcohol for hands
Disinfectant with bleach
Disinfectant with alcohol
Disinfectant with alcohol for hands


Powdered soap
Blue powder detergent
Concentrated powder detergent
Economical powder detergent


Laundry detergent soap and antibacterial soap with colored soap


Dishwashing liquid
Handwashing liquid
Washing liquid


Our main objective is to provide high quality and high value products and services to build strong and lasting business relationships with our customers and partners.

We are a factory

After 18 years of growth, the company now has a chemical plant for daily use of more than 70,000 m2, consisting of a mosquito coil factory, an aerosol factory, a soap factory, a detergent factory and a factory . of paper products for home use. And a wholly owned powder detergent factory.

We are P&D

We had a certified R&D laboratory in the province to provide the best product formulation, product improvement and testing service for the world market. And every year, our professional engineers research and develop our products and new products for China and the world market.

We do marketing

After 2010, we started global marketing and services in order to provide quality consumer products to the world market. Faced with the selection of several commercial companies, we are an absolutely reliable trading partner. Customer first, dedication and gratitude, these are our values.


Professional production system, high efficiency customer service system, strict quality control system.

Professional production system: full range FMCG products can be chosen. You must have one that interests you. And with 16 years of production experience, we know what you need.

Very efficient customer service system: since 2010 we started global marketing. With younger and more passionate teams, we are also focusing on how to work more effectively to deliver more value to the customer.

Rigid quality control system: Quality is the life of a brand and a product. Being a supplier of quality consumer products and its excellent partners is our main value.